Skirting Boards: MDF & HDF

Skirting Boards have been in use for quite long now. The multipurpose use of Skirting Boards has made them one of the mostly used decorative items. They have been the main component of any home decoration, whether big or small.

Skirting Boards act as the accessories which make the usage of the main components easy and act as an important support therewith.

The materials used in Skirting Boards vary and are chosen according to the requirements of the clients. But, generally and economically two they are made of two globally available synthetic materials, the High Density Fibreboards (HDF) and the Medium Density Fibreboards (HDF).

Between these two also, the MDF Skirting Board is the most commonly produced and available. The two can be, though, differentiated as the following

  1. High Density Fibreboard (HDF) Skirting Board HDF is like MDF but with a higher density, meaning HDF is an artificially designed composite panel product which is made out of the wood fibres mixed with resin and wax, then left for hardening. This material is harder and stronger than MDF with a typical density of 900 Kilogram per cubic metre. 

HDF is a very thin board with a typical thickness of 3mm*8mm and is supplied perforated.

  2. Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) Skirting Board MDF is also an artificially designed composite panel product made out of wood fibres mixed with risen and wax and then hardened but it is not as strong as HDF. The density of the material, as the name suggests, is lower in this Fibreboard.

Moreover, the accurate density of MDF boards is 680 to 800 Kilogram per Cubic Metre.

These are the two main types of Skirting Board materials used. However, MDF Skirting Board is most commonly used in making Skirting Boards because of its lighter weight and cheaper prices.